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~*Eclipse [Dragon Age 2] Fenris*~ **UPDATED ver. 2.0** Sims 4

This is a huge update to my original Fenris Sim. Anders and Fenris were my first attempts at modding for the sims 4 and back then I knew very little about how to layer and properly bin my CAS parts. Plus I did not actually have any hat cuts for hair and Fenris' ears were mapped/textured in a very inconvenient way. All of that has been fixed in this version and I've included an HQ textured option for people who use the Sims 4 HQ mod.

Additionally I have also added a little mod that makes his Lyrium markings glow if he gets angry. Special thanks to the creators of The Sims 4 Studio for making it so easy to create nifty little tuning mods like that. :3

There are FOUR versions of this download. A version for Base Game and a Version that uses VFX from "The Sims 4: Get to Work EP". Both of those come in a standard or HQ mod option. Make sure you read the instructions further down in this post and download the correct files!

Currently I am updating Anders. His new version should be uploaded within the next few days. You can stay updated on that by following my tumblr at:

Do not download the old versions of Fenris or Anders. They are now obsolete. If you have the old files in your mods folder, make sure they are all removed/deleted before installing the new files.

I have not created Fenris' outfit/armour, at least not yet. I am not sure when/if I will be getting to that at any point soon. Right now I wanted to simply update what I had already made, considering that an update for Fenris was desperately needed!


Fenris is one of the four romanceable companions in "Dragon Age 2". Which is an amazing game btw. If anyone is actually viewing this mod who hasn't played Dragon Age 2, I do highly recommend it. In my personal opinion DA2 has probably the best story and the most interesting cast of characters in the DA series. Although you may want to see if a mod exists to lower the enemy encounter rate a bit. :P

Kirkwall the City of Chains bandits and spiders!

Anyways, for Fenris' sim version he needed a surname, he doesn't have an official one that I'm aware of, so I used his birthname, Leto, as his surname. What's with all the characters I like not having surnames? :P

I set his traits as "Hot Headed", "Loner" and "Commitment Issues". I Think that makes sense...


Lunar Eclipse_S4MFaceTexture[DA_Fenris].package
Lunar Eclipse_S4MElfEars[DA_Fenris].package

Lunar Eclipse_S4EyeLiner[DA_Fenris].package
Lunar Eclipse_S4EyeShadow[DA_Fenris].package

Lunar Eclipse_S4Brows[DA_Fenris].package

Lyrium Markings(tattoo section):
Lunar Eclipse_S4LyriumMarkings[DA_Fenris]01.package

Face Texture and Skin Overlay Info:
Fenris DOES NOT come with a full body skin overlay. He only comes with the face texture! The skin overlay used in my previews is made by the very talented S-Club. It is the BS3 Skin overlay and can be downloaded HERE.

The Face mask is layered so that it will appear over skin overlays but under all tattoos and makeup. You should be able to use whatever your favourite skin overlay textures are in conjunction with it.

Face texture over regular Maxis skin:

Face texture over S-Club BS3 Skin:

Face Texture over RemusSims Male Skin Overlay #8:

You can find Remus' beautiful skin textures...
HERE (on Tumblr)

Texture Credits:
-The textures for Fenris' Eye colour, Eye Liner, and Lyrium Markings are created by myself.

-Fenris' Eyebrows and Eyeshadow are maxis textures that I only slightly edited. I may create non-maxis brows for him later, but at this time these brows work okay.

-Fenris' face texture is a blend of the maxis sim male face and the Dragon Age 2 male face texture that I then painted over. So I will not take credit for the base. That credit goes to Maxis/Bioware.

-The ear model has the texture completely removed and will use whatever skin/ear texture/colour chosen in-game.


Fenris' hair is the original hair model extracted from Dragon Age 2 which I've edited quite a bit. I've resized, smoothed and re-layered each section + created new backfaces + UVmapping specifically for The Sims 4. All credit for the original base mesh goes completely to Bioware. Additional info is posted in the disclaimer section below. The mesh textures have also been repainted and edited.

-Hair uses the sims glass shader.
-Contains all Hat cuts(finally).


I've added a little in-game buff called "Lyrium Glow". It is unique to Fenris and is attached to his lyrium Markings tattoo file. The buff will activate if Fenris is angry. The buff will last 8 hours sim time, but can be easily removed via using a mirror or by other actions that remove angry buffs. The buff has a mood weight of 0. So it will not add any additional points to mood. It does, however, have a broadcaster effect. Any sims around Fenris will gain the "Someone needs to calm down!" buff and a +1 to tense. They will also react shocked upon seeing him glowing.

***Make sure you have removed ALL angry buffs from Fenris if you want to remove the lyrium glow effect. It will re-activate as long as he remains angry!

The glowing effect is a VFX from the "The Sims 4: Get to Work" Expansion pack. So if you DO NOT have that expansion installed I am unsure if the glow effect will actually work. Just in case, I've uploaded a "Base Game" version of the files for anyone that might have issues.

If you use the Base Game version of Fenris the glow effect will not display, but his lyrium markings will still lighten and turn blue.


Here are a few pictures comparing how he looks In-Game with and without the HQ Mod. There are minimal differences overall.




There are 4 different Downloads here. Only Download ONE of them! Make sure to read all instructions!

***IMPORTANT: I will reiterate here that if you have downloaded my original Fenris Sim you MUST delete the old files from your mods folder. Any package Files that start with "Lunar Eclipse" and End in "[DAFenris]". Keeping any old files in the game will cause conflicts. So make sure all those files are removed!***

HQ Mod Versions:
Make sure you only use the HQ versions if you use the HQ mod found here: Using the HQ version without the mod will cause certain textures to appear blurry.

HQ EP01: Get to Work Expansion Version. (Contains the Blue glow VFX):

HQ Base Game Version (no blue glow VFX):
DOWNLOAD Base Game HQ Version

Standard Game Versions:
EP01: Get to Work Expansion Version. (Contains the Blue glow VFX):
DOWNLOAD EP01 Standard Version

Base Game Standard Version (no blue glow VFX):
DOWNLOAD Base Game Standard Version

After downloading:
-Extract the files from the .rar and put the "Fenris" Folder into your Mods folder.
-Make sure you put the Tray files into your Tray folder, NOT the mods folder! If you don't the sim won't show up in the gallery!

Poly Count

Count= 16836
(Sorry, I accidently went crazy with smoothing... I didn't notice the polycount until much later. It is very high for a short hair mesh). :/

Count= 592


I've gone a little more in-depth with this section than I normally do, considering that in some cases there can be issues when assets from one game are used in another game. Even though I've resized and heavily edited the meshes/textures, the original bases from certain parts of this mod are still extracted from "Dragon Age 2" and are fully credited to Bioware. If there are any issues and I am asked to remove anything, those part of this download will be removed without question! I am hoping there are no issues considering that both games support mods and both Maxis and Bioware are owned by Electronic arts.

This mod is free and shared for personal and non commercial use in "The Sims 4" only!

Lunar Eclipse owns no rights and has no connections to Fenis, Bioware, or any associated affiliates.

Dragon Age 2 Official Website Link:


Additional Credits:

Poses by: FlowerChamber

Skin Overlays:

Special Thanks:

To Cmar for all the amazing work done on Mesh Tools! <3

To all the awesome people that worked on The Sims 4 Studio!


Other Downloads By Lunar Eclipse:

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Lunar Eclipse's Male Anatomy Mod (Compatible with Wicked Whims) 18+ Download!:


Eclipse Sims 4 on tumblr
~°*CAS Custom Content Downloads*°~

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