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~*Eclipse [Final Fantasy IX] Kuja*~ Sims 4

This is my first full sim attempt for Sims 4. It's been a very long time considering that I went from Sims 2 to Sims 4 and completely Skipped modding for Sims 3. I made him mostly for learning experience as I have currently started to learn ZBrush and 3DSMax. He's also my personal favourite Final Fantasy Character, so there is also that... :)

-He does have an HQ mod version, although I did create him to look as nice as possible without the HQ mod installed. The HQ mod for Sims 4 is a bit tedious to install and a lot of people probably don't really use it.

The HQ version is "barbie" only and is not yet compatible with my anatomy mod.

Kuja with his full outfit is VERY VERY High poly. A staggering 66141K! O.O
-As a test, to properly run this mod with all parts you should be able to run your game on highest settings without issue. Basically you should have a computer powerful enough to run the HQ mod itself.
-If you run a PC with very low spec you run the risk of crashing your game. So Please download with that in mind!

What I couldn't do with smaller textures. I did with modelling. So he may not run properly for some people with slower computers. I have not created LOD models either, so much apologies.

I do not currently have a Patreon, but I may set up one in the near future to justify spending my time working on game mods. To stay updated on that people can follow my tumblr at:


Kuja is the main villain from "Final Fantasy 9" and probably one of my favourite characters ever, so I had to make a sim of eventually. He does have a tail, for those familiar with the character, but I didn't bother creating that, considering that it does not show at all unless he is in his "Trance" form. I don't have any plans on making "Trance Kuja" at the moment.

For the sim version he needed a surname, so I used "Darkstar" as it's the name of one of his main magic attack spells. Kuja doesn't really have an official surname that I'm aware of...





Finger Nails:

-All textures were created by myself, Except for certain parts of the skin overlay.
-Face, Chest and Abdomen of the skin overlay were painted by me, the rest of the overlay is mixed with the original EAMaxis skin texture.

-Fingernails are binned in the tattoo section under "lower Right arm tattoo". They will not come off when bathing/nude. They are texture mapped to each individual fingertip, so there should be no conflicts with accessories.


-Hair uses the glass shader.
-Contains all Hat cuts.
-There are Currently no UV1s on the hair mesh, so there may be cutting into the cheeks if the sim is made extremely fat.


All parts of the outfit can be removed individually. They are not set to random and will not appear on any townies.
All clothing parts contain proper UV1s(except gloves), but due to the shape and complexity of some of the parts, some areas may look a bit odd if made really fat or really muscular.



-His sleeves are a bit smaller than his original character design to avoid awkward cutting. Really huge sleeves look a bit odd in Sims 4.

Minor Issues:

Shoulders-There were a few small issues with the shoulders regarding the UV1s and Rigging. The model doesn't appear perfectly round at times so the texture looks a bit off. At this point, this is the best I can get it to work right now.

Sleeves-The sleeves were done before I learned how to quadrify my meshes in zbrush, so they are quite high poly and look a bit wrinkled/jagged in certain positions. I considered trying to quadrify them now, but that would mean retexturing/remapping/rerigging/redoing all UV1s for them. This is a large amount of additional work for a somewhat minor issue. So for now, I'm going to leave them as is and hopefully that's okay.



The Rigging looks quite nice in-game overall and is attached to the skirt bones so it has a cloth-like weight to it. Although, because it's a half skirt with the front of the legs still visible, if a sim does any crazy poses(like yoga), there will be some strange folding/cutting in the lower skirt model.



The boots are very high on the leg compared to regular in-game boots, so they will not show properly with pants. Besides Kuja's original outfit, they will work with tights, underwear, and some very short skirts or shorts.



The gloves use the texture area for the hands, wrist and ring accessories.
They are also quite high poly and do not have new UV1s. Hands don't change too much with weight gain or loss in the game, so this works alright overall. There will be some weird cutting into the mesh if the fat or muscular sliders are set really high.


Codpiece (Optional Sleep/Swimwear):

This is just the codpiece mesh with the skirt removed. I made it to work for sleep and swimwear.


Here are a few pictures comparing how he looks In-Game with and without the HQ Mod. Overall the differences are somewhat minimal. Nothing has a really super blurry/pixelated quality drop.

CAS Full Body:


-The skirt area with the gold trim is the area that has the biggest texture quality drop without the HQ mod. It still looks decent overall though.

CAS Face:


Download the "barbie" versions of the mod at the following links. Make sure you only use the HQ version if you use the HQ mod found here:
Using the HQ version without the mod will cause certain textures(mostly the eye texture) to display incorrectly.

-I am super sorry, but I do use Adfly now. Because I do very much need the revenue. Everything is obviously still free, but you go through the advertisement link first. I know some people hate adfly but right now I am not currently starting a Patreon and this is an optional way for me to get a bit money for all the work I put into my mods. I hope people understand. ~Much love

DOWNLOAD Standard Version


To install the anatomically correct version, follow instructions and download the files below:
Currently the anatomically correct version of this mod DOES NOT work with the HQ Mod. Only the standard game resolution.
I must update my male anatomy mod and add a supported HQ version for that first!

First, head over to Lover's Lab and Install my male anatomy mod here:
Lunar Eclipse Male Anatomy

-Extract the files from the .rar and put the aaaKuja Folder into your Mods folder.
-Make sure you put the Tray files into your Tray folder! If you don't the sim won't show up in the gallery!

DOWNLOAD Anatomically Correct Version

Poly Count

Count= 16939

Count= 17330

Count= 5848

Count= 13592

Count= 11056

Count= 1376

Codpiece only:
Count= 3356


Kuja and "Final Fantasy" are property of SquareEnix.
Lunar Eclipse holds no rights to "Final Fantasy", the character "Kuja", or any associated affiliates.


Additional Credits:

Poses by: FlowerChamber

Special Thanks:

To Cmar for all the amazing work done on Mesh Tools! <3


Eclipse Sims 4 on tumblr
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